Tuesday 5 September 2023

From Dr Samuel Ogbuku

Dr Samuel Ogbuku (MD/CEO)
Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC)
Port Harcourt, Rivers State


It is of pleasure contacting you via email. I came across your contact via the World Trade Center (W.T.C.) African Regional office, without disclosure of my intentions which is personal.

As an authority here in the Niger Delta Development Commission, I noticed three executed contracts which have not been paid for and the contractors who executed these contracts could not be traced or reached till this moment. Upon my resumption in the office, I called for internal auditing after hand over, I realized so many financial lapses involving huge contract sum amounting to Forty Million , Six Hundred and Fourteen Thousand United States of America Dollars (US$40,614,000 Million), Twenty One Million United States of America Dollars (UDS$21 Million) and Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand (US$10,500,000) respectively.

I further investigated to find out that these funds were products of over invoicing from contractors / companies whom actually and genuinely were awarded contracts respectively and they executed the jobs and were duly paid with Job completion certificates issued ,but my predecessors could not move the left over funds due to unexpected call for their resignation/ removal from the office (WRONG TIMING). Since their resignation, Some of them have secretly and personally approached me to cover these transactions for them by not disclosing to anyone or leave it in the NDDC accounts/ records in order not to implicate them, rather , i should protect their image and secure these funds for me and my cabinets as these funds have been there and cannot be declared to the Government , if disclosed, some higher authorities will find ways to claim it. I have recently discussed and agreed with the Executive Project Director, Chief Accountant and Financial Director to s
ecure and move this fund outside

However, we further noticed that the companies used in securing these funds respectively were neither incorporated as a legal entity with the Corporate Affairs Commission nor registered with Niger Delta Development Commission as contractors, making it difficult to neither function in business nor authorize for contract payment.

I am fully aware of the activities of some unscrupulous people that are currently going on in our world today which you must have been fully acquainted with unpleasant stories, especially this part. But the truth also remains that the world has not been totally invaded by this group of people hence, people can still do businesses together all over the world and further establish healthier personal and business relationships.

Having explained this, I seek your consent to partner with us and secure this fund in your name or company's name. All documents shall be legally provided to suit the purpose. As the MD/CEO of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), I cannot risk or gamble with my position. There is no risk whatsoever attached. We will award you with 15% of any secured funds with you and our shares shall also be invested with you in your country pending when our tenure in the office will elapse.

Kindly get back to me with your Full name and telephone/mobile number for more details if agreed to work with us. Also, I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangements that will protect you from any breach of the law.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Samuel Ogbuku

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