Monday, 16 September 2019



My name is Christopher Quinlan QC I am a solicitor at law / investment adviser to your late relative. Your late relative left behind Cash deposit in capital and investment security account along with properties, I will like to discuss with you regarding making this claim since he is related to you going by the lineage, surname and country of origin.

Once I receive your information and endorse same appropriately, I shall provide you with all the privileged information/legal documents relating to the deceased and also will give you guidelines on how to realize this goal without the breach of the law. I would respectfully request that you treat the content of this letter as privileged and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this correspondence. Contact me immediately for more information and to begin the legal process of redeeming your lawful entitlement before the bank is compelled by law to hand over the money to the government.
Please get back to me on my private email for further details.

To facilitate the process of this transaction, urgently forward to me
Your full names,
Telephone and fax numbers,
Marital status,

I will be expecting to hear from you.


Christopher Quinlan QC
Private email

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